Welcome to Scry Therapy with Jason Page

Finding the sources of your issues and solutions that work for you by access through light.
Please email me at jsp @ aleatory.cc for your interest in scry therapy or call/text 702-907-8353 to leave a message. A regular scry chart (1 page) is $20. Cash App $pagetelegram or PayPal: paypal.me/drnothing
Scrying is reading information through the source of light. When something reaches light speed, it becomes light and the experience of time for light is all-time or moment space. By scrying flickering light (ie candle, 60 hz LED/Incandescent, Sun through clouds) you can access any information in moment space by honing with thought. Imagery for me appear as symbols. I chart the symbols to get a more specific idea of the information being sought.
*Be advised: I do not fortune-tell or use scrying to tell the future. Please do not ask.